Monday, August 1, 2011

Design Wall Monday

I have been longarming like a fiend for the past few weeks.  My friends have been keeping me busy, but I did have a chance to slip one of my own in there!

We traveled to Dallas this past week and I was amazed at the number of quilt shops in that area that have been in Quilt Sampler magazine.  I visited 10 shops and I think that at least 6 of them had been featured at some point in time!  My favorite shop was Quilt Country.  I spent 2 hours in there, there were tons of samples and the ladies were very helpful and nice!  I knew I would love this shop before I even got there, because they advertise "Lime Green - the New Neutral".  They had 3 APQS longarms and they were all going, one lady was loading while another lady quilted freehand and there was a large picture window so you could watch them in action.  As the one lady finished quilting, she moved to the next machine which the other woman had loaded and started on that quilt!  The woman who loaded, now began to unload the quilt she'd just finished.  It was awesome.

I purchased a ruler while in Dallas and have begun to cut strips already for that project! I found the ruler at Quilters Connection in Dallas, and they had a sample made into a tree skirt and I just fell in love with it! Here is a picture of theirs as my sewing cave is a pit right now . . .

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