Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Get it Done Challenge - List #3

I can't believe I'm posting another list, but the truth hurts . . . 

1.  Freeze Frame (another Judy L QFAH Project from September of 2009),  needs quilted and bound. 

2.  Brilliant Sunset needs quilted and bound.  Haven't decided yet if I'll add borders . . . 

3.  Day of the Dead needs quilted and bound.

4.  Autograph Block Swap.  Not sure if I'll add borders or not, but it needs quilted and bound.

5.  60 Degree Diamonds.  Needs quilted and bound.

6.  Things Quilters Really Think III - Needs borders, quilted and bound.

7.  Stash Digger (a local quilt guild retreat project from March 2011).  Needs borders, quilted and bound.  

8.  Cannot remember the name of this pattern, but it needs quilted and bound.

9.  HST Challenge - blocks are done, just need to decide and a layout, add a border, quilt and bind.

10.  Forest Floor - Need to finish applique on 3 other borders and stitch down, quilt and bind.  Do you know how much I don't enjoy applique?
11.  DWR - I hate myself for adding this one to the list . . . a lot to do . . . this may end up being a wallhanging!

12.  QIAD - Summer Porch - need to continue making blocks, add a border or two, quilt and bind.

Get It Done Challenge List #2

Well, this is really sad, but I have so many UFO's and many of them are very close to being completed, so I've compiled a second list . . . 

1.  Hawaiian Quilts - 1 of 4 - needs quilted and bound

2.  Hawaiian Quilt - 2 of 4 - needs quilted and bound
3.  Hawaiian Quilt - 3 of 4 - needs quilted and bound
4.  Hawaiian Quilt - 4 of 4 - needs quilted and bound 

5.  Abigail's Quilt - needs another border or two, quilting and bound.

6.  Clelia's Quilt - needs another border or two, quilting and bound.

7.  Mini Underground Railroad - Need to construct additional blocks, sashing, borders, quilting and bound.

8.  Card Tricks Wallhanging - needs quilted and bound. 

9.  Fast Forward - I think I'd like to construct additional blocks to make it a bit bigger, maybe a border or two, quilting and bound.

10.  Fruit and Veggie Tablerunner - Have to locate the pattern to determine what all I need to do to finish this one . . . 

11.  Raspberry Jam - needs quiting and binding

12.  Scraps Ahoy (another Judy L pattern).  Needs borders, quilting and bound.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Get it Done 2017 Challenge

These are the 12 UFO's I have chosen for Judy Laquidara's Get it Done 2017 Challenge  
Wish me luck!

1.  Postage Stamp Quilt - This one needs 23 more blocks, sashing, quilted and bound.

2.  Bouncing Betty - This one needs 1 more block, 2 borders, quilting and binding.

3.  Christmas Lights, pattern by Bonnie Hunter.  This one needs quilting and bound.

4.  Daisy Chain from the book Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam & Nicky Lintott.  This one needs additional blocks, borders, quilting and bound.

5.  Hopscotch from the book Fat Quarter Five by Heather Mulder Peterson.  This one needs a few blocks flipped/rotated, border, quilted and bound.

6.  Carolina Christmas from the book Scraps & Shirttails II by Bonnie Hunter.  This top is done, but I constructed the Carolina Star blocks incorrectly, so I need to rip those blocks out and construct them the correct way.  Also need borders, quilting and bound.

7.  Pick & Choose by Carrie Nelson from June 2009 issue of American Patchwork Quilting.  This one needs additional blocks, sashing, borders, quilted and bound.

8.  Evening Celestials.  Borders need to be redone, quilted and bound.

9.  Paper pieced swapped Alphabet Blocks need quilted and bound.  

10.  a Judy L Mystery Quilt from June 2010. Needs borders, quilted and bound.

11. True Friends, a Mini-Rag Brick Quilt kit.  Needs constructed . . . 

12.  A Patriotic Wall Hanging.  Needs quilted and bound.

I'm back!

A lot has happened since I last posted . . . we moved to another home, we traveled a lot due to our son-in-law being deployed, so we helped my daughter and family move from Hawaii to Massachusetts to Ohio, I lost my Mom in October of 2015 and then my Dad in November 2015 and then I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December of 2015.  I have just begun to feel like my old self and have begun piecing/quilting again!  I have promised myself that I'm going to finish the majority of my many, many UFO's and PIGS before beginning a new project!  I've been working on them since a week before Christmas and I have completed 5 tops but I've only quilted and bound one of them so far. This is Christmas Lights by Bonnie Hunter.  I bound it in the kelly green and it's so striking!  Hope to post the other 4 as soon as I have finished quilting them!
I have decided to participate in Judy Laquidara's Get it Done Challenge.  She always seems to get me motivated.  Tomorrow I will post my list of 12 UFO's as I have to choose, and there are so very many to choose from!