Monday, March 26, 2012

Design Wall Monday

This will be my last post from Hawaii as I fly out later this evening (6 hour difference from the East Coast).  I have been busy here with several projects, knitting a bathmat from t-shirts:
I also was working on ripping out the scrappy star blocks as I do not like the sashing or the border I chose for it.  I was in a big rush to just finish this UFO and just grabbed fabrics to complete it and I just plain don't like it.  At the moment, I only have been able to rip out 1 block (see upper left of photo) but I am sure I will be able to finish this project in the 23 hour trip home!

I also have been working on my Postage Stamp blocks.  When I arrived here, I had to make a trip to downtown Honolulu to purchase a quarter inch foot for my daughters machine.  I made one row without the specialty foot and it was over an inch off!  I really got several of these blocks done while I was here!
And just to show that it hasn't been all sun and fun while I've been here in Hawaii, here is some of the wildlife I have been traumatized by . . .
giant freakin flying roach on the stove . . .

gecko in the girls playroom

Huge snail
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Sunday, March 25, 2012


I will be leaving Hawaii late tomorrow evening to return to Ohio and thought I had better work on one of the many projects I brought along!  This is a completed top that I just couldn't bring myself to  quilt because I hate the setting - - love the blocks, but the sashing and borders just don't do it for me.  Before leaving for Hawaii, I found a picture in American Patchwork Magazine I think with this same type of block and I really loved the setting they used, so here I sit ripping!  It will be so worth it!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

There are big bugs here in paradise . . .

For those of you who have been verbally abusing me for my being in Hawaii . . . it's not all sun, fun + games!  Saturday evening I went into the kitchen to clean up after putting the twins to bed for the evening.  There was 1/2 of a veggie burger pattie on a plate on the stove and there was something on it . . . a freakin huge bug.  I almost ran screaming from the room, but the thought of this thing being loose somewhere in the house forced me to keep it together.  I quickly grabbed the microwave cover and slammed it on top and then quickly realized that there is a hole in the top so I was looking for something to cover that with.

 Earlier in the day, there was a gecko in the girls play room.  I was able to capture him and release it in the backyard, but this bug is really creepy and did I mention freakin huge?  It is now Wednesday, it is still alive and still on top of the stove under cover where it will remain until my daughter arrives home and probably has to pay someone to come in and remove it . . .  I'm sure she thinks I was joking about waiting for her return to take care of this, NOT!

It's a bit after noon . . .

It's half past noon and the girls + I are still in our jammies!  I thought we might go to the beach this morning, but the time got away from me . . .

Perhaps we will go to Ala Moana Mall to check out what's new at the Disney Store!

Hit the Goodwill Store yesterday and scored some t-shirts to knit a bathmat for 99 cents each! 
Thought I might go back again to pick up some white ones too.  There is a method to my madness as my favorite restaurant, Bravos, is very close by and the pasta w/marinara has been calling me!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Design Wall Monday

I am leaving in the morning for Hawaii again, so I thought I'd better post something before I leave!  I have been doing a lot of longarming, including a couple of quilts for myself.  I recently got a new computer and have been unable to install my printer and then this morning when I went to download my Design Wall photos, I realized that the camera software is not installed . . . I have wasted hours looking for the software, and then decided to just take pictures with my phone, so that will have to do for today's post!  Two days ago, I began this project:

I must be out of my mind, I am not packed and I am starting something new - 1.5 inch squares collected from a couple years of Internet swaps!  This is four blocks.  I decided that it was easier to construct them into 12 x 12 blocks rather than into rows.  At first I thought I would sash or frame each block, but then decided that I like the all smooshed together look better!

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