Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's a face only . . .

This is a face only Grandma could lick clean!  Sophia had quite a time with her chocolate frosted, cream filled donut!  By the look of her nose, it looks as though she's inhaled it!

Stash Report - Weeks 33, 34 + 35

Some things just don't change . . . with the start of school and a multitude of other stuff goin on, I have not busted any stash - but I have been productive.  I have been binding quilts that came off the longarm several weeks ago!

In: 0, zip, nada!
YTD: 82.764 yards

Out: 0, zip, nada!
YTD: 80.5 yards

Net: -2.264 yards

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of School!

Today is the first day of school.  Madison is in 1st grade.  So what do you think of her Jessica Simpson metallic shoes?

The twins are in 4 year old Preschool this year and they were separated . . . time will tell how that will work out, but I am confident that they will each grow and mature without each other!

And poor, poor almost 2 year old Sophia will be stuck home for yet another year

Monday, August 23, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Well, even though I have not been home much the past 2 weeks, I managed to complete 25 blocks and sew them into rows!  I still need to make 10 more blocks though, well, at least 5, and then I will decide from there if I want it any longer!  This pattern is a variation of JudyL's Scraps Ahoy . . .

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

We're Back Home!

We are back home from visiting our twin granddaughters in Rhode Island.  While we were in Rhode Island, the girls were part of Auntie Bridgit and Uncle Ben's Wedding . . . Sophia was a big help keeping the twins entertained and took care of the girls with their paci's!

We are leaving tomorrow for DC for our newest granddaughter Olive's Christening. My husband went to great lengths to get a Christening Gown from Mexico for her and it's gorgeous!  I haven't even caught my breath from our last trip!  We will be rushing back home after the Christening on Sunday as school starts on Tuesday, August 24th and 3 of our 4 granddaughters who live with us will be starting school!  There's a Full Moon on the 24th - so this event should prove to be very interesting and full of drama. . .

Monday, August 9, 2010

Design Wall Monday

This is a picture of what I have been working on for Judy's Quiltathon . . . I tweaked Judy's Scraps Ahoy pattern and replaced her log cabinish blocks with 9-patches as I have tons of pre-cut 2.5 inch squares that I wanted to make a dent in!  This is only a pic of 16+ blocks. but I would like to do 35!

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Stash Report - Week 32

Well, the aftermath of being let loose in Orlando last week with a GPS, rental car, no kids, and a credit card with a $0 balance, I was ready to buckle down this week and bust some stash! A total of 9 yards busted thanks to JudyL's Scraps Ahoy Quiltathon and binding for a quilt I just took off the frame. I tweaked Judy's pattern a little, but you will have to wait until tomorrow, Design Wall Monday, to see my progress!
      In: 0, zip, nada!
      YTD: 82.764 yards

      Out: 9 yards
      YTD: 80.5 yards

      Net: -2.264 yards

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Finished another one!

Well, I finished another quilt - this one I have had for a very, very long time . . . I am thinking conservatively 5 years.   It belongs to my friend Maxine and I wanted to "be good enough" before I quilted it.  I used a meandering feather design called Plumage and it's one of my favorites - it's a classic design by Jodi Beamish.  It's pretty large and it took me two days to complete.  I can hardly wait for Maxine to see it!  Below is a bit of a close-up of the quilting . . .

Monday, August 2, 2010

I've been real busy today!

I got two, yes, two quilts quilted today!  I only have this week to get them done as my 4 granddaughters who live with us are on vacation in Oklahoma until Friday, so I have got to get busy as I am really behind!  These two quilts belong to Linda who gave them to me before Christmas . . . I am so ashamed.  There are 3 more quilts I want to get done this week, I will keep you all posted with my progress!

Design Wall Monday

I have a quilt on my design wall frame today!  I don't have much more to quilt, probably 4 or 5 more rows of a panto and then I'll be ready to bind!  I have had this quilt of Linda's since way before Christmas - that is so sad.  I have at least two more of hers too . . . guess I'd better get busy-er!

I did find the 2 missing blocks from the quilt I wanted to work on last week - they hadn't even been made when I found them quite by accident!  The two blocks are done now, but I do not have enough of the "right" fabric in my stash for the sashing or borders, so that will have to be on the back burner for now until I find something that will work . . . I had planned on taking a couple of the blocks with me when we went to Orlando last week, but I forgot them and you know how hard it is to shop for sashing and border fabric without the blocks!

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Stash Report - Weeks 30 + 31

Well, we returned from Orlando late Friday night - gads, it was so hot down there, over 100 everyday - but the quilt shops were plentiful and I am afraid to say, I did a lot of damage . . . so bad (for my report) that I am afraid to count it all up at the moment, so my report will be ummmm inaccurate for this week until I break down and count all the yardage I got!

The picture to the left is all of the loot I purchased!  I cannot wait to start on the two kits and have yet to decide which one I will start first!  At the moment I am leaning towards the kit on the left, but that may change, I'm just sayin' . . .

Edit:  Well, I did it, I added it all up and it is just as bad as I thought it would be . . .

In: 34.5 yards
YTD 82.764 yards

Out: 0 yards
YTD: 71.5 yards

Net -11.264 yards

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