Sunday, September 13, 2009

Week 37 Stash Report

Well, we are back on the Mainland again . . . it was really difficult to leave Hawaii. I misbehaved once again before I left though! I bought a lot of batik fabrics for this gorgeous Sunshine Pineapple quilt which I want to make to commemorate our trip!

I did use some fabric this week for an online Nickel Swap, only a yard, but it's gone!

I cannot believe the state of my Quilting Room. Things were so very hectic before I left for Hawaii and I guess I dumped a lot of stuff in there because I now cannot even find the top of my cutting table (and it's a big table). So for Design Wall Monday, I may be posting before and after pictures of my Quilt Room!

  • Fabric in this week: 9.5 yards
  • Total fabric in YTD: 147.029 yards
  • Fabric used this week: 1 yards
  • Total fabric used YTD: 104.791 yards
  • Net: -42.238 yards

1 comment:

Lori in South Dakota said...

when I read everyone's stash report, I page back thru their blog. the twin grandbabies---hope you got in lots of snuggles and kisses! Sophie asleep in the highchair--save that for when she's older! The marker incident--oh, now THAT one brings back memories. And I don't know anyone who can resist a beautiful batik!