Sunday, March 7, 2010

Another Quilt off the frame!

Just finished quilting the 3rd quilt of Jean's that I was supposed to have done back in February. Hope the people these quilts are for aren't unhappy with her as it was all my fault. I still have to bind the last two yet. I had to chauffeur my husband around this morning + afternoon to a couple of appointments and I took the big black/white + red quilt with me to tack the binding to the back - took the thread, thread snips and forgot the freakin needle. This is the second time I have done something like that. I swear, tomorrow, I am going to the quilt shop and I am buying a package of straw needles for each one of the cars. I will not be caught like that again!


Quilting Queen said...

Pretty quilt...especially with the light through the window. I like your string of spools, too.

Mary-Kay said...

What kind of needle did you forget? Just joking. I can feel your frustration. Just when you think you're all organized and ready to make some progress, it all goes downhill. Oh well, that's life I guess. That quilt looks great with the window behind it. It reminds me of stained glass.