Monday, March 26, 2012

Design Wall Monday

This will be my last post from Hawaii as I fly out later this evening (6 hour difference from the East Coast).  I have been busy here with several projects, knitting a bathmat from t-shirts:
I also was working on ripping out the scrappy star blocks as I do not like the sashing or the border I chose for it.  I was in a big rush to just finish this UFO and just grabbed fabrics to complete it and I just plain don't like it.  At the moment, I only have been able to rip out 1 block (see upper left of photo) but I am sure I will be able to finish this project in the 23 hour trip home!

I also have been working on my Postage Stamp blocks.  When I arrived here, I had to make a trip to downtown Honolulu to purchase a quarter inch foot for my daughters machine.  I made one row without the specialty foot and it was over an inch off!  I really got several of these blocks done while I was here!
And just to show that it hasn't been all sun and fun while I've been here in Hawaii, here is some of the wildlife I have been traumatized by . . .
giant freakin flying roach on the stove . . .

gecko in the girls playroom

Huge snail
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