Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sidetracked once again . . .

Well, once again, I am working on another project. On Design Wall Monday, I started out working on Carolina Crossroads, but while searching for other parts to the project, I came across a Quilts for Kids Kit that I received some time ago (not sure how long as the postmark was illegible), but it's been a long time. I decided I had better get busy on that so I can get it done and sent out, but it also requires me to make another quilt from my stash to send back with it, so what did I do, start searching through the stash looking for something suitable for a young child. Good grief - that makes 4 projects and the week is not yet over ...

  • Postage Stamp Quilt               
  • Carolina Crossroads               
  • Quilts for Kids Kit                   
  • my donation for Quilts for Kids

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