Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Get it Done Challenge - List #3

I can't believe I'm posting another list, but the truth hurts . . . 

1.  Freeze Frame (another Judy L QFAH Project from September of 2009),  needs quilted and bound. 

2.  Brilliant Sunset needs quilted and bound.  Haven't decided yet if I'll add borders . . . 

3.  Day of the Dead needs quilted and bound.

4.  Autograph Block Swap.  Not sure if I'll add borders or not, but it needs quilted and bound.

5.  60 Degree Diamonds.  Needs quilted and bound.

6.  Things Quilters Really Think III - Needs borders, quilted and bound.

7.  Stash Digger (a local quilt guild retreat project from March 2011).  Needs borders, quilted and bound.  

8.  Cannot remember the name of this pattern, but it needs quilted and bound.

9.  HST Challenge - blocks are done, just need to decide and a layout, add a border, quilt and bind.

10.  Forest Floor - Need to finish applique on 3 other borders and stitch down, quilt and bind.  Do you know how much I don't enjoy applique?
11.  DWR - I hate myself for adding this one to the list . . . a lot to do . . . this may end up being a wallhanging!

12.  QIAD - Summer Porch - need to continue making blocks, add a border or two, quilt and bind.

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Joanne said...

Stop! You are killing me here. Now I really have to make at least one list. :-)