Sunday, August 16, 2009

Week 33 - Stash Report

Well, my report is the same as last week, although I came close to purchasing fabric yesterday at the swap meet at Aloha Stadium. There were several vendors there that had Hawaiian themed fabrics already cut into squares and rectangles, but I was unsure of the fabric content . . . so I held off purchasing. They do sell a cotton/poly blend that I want to purchase to make tablecloths for our picnic tables and it's only $2.50 yd!

Fabric in this week:    0.000 yards
Total fabric in YTD: 126.529 yards
Fabric used this week:    0.500 yards
Total fabric used YTD: 102.291 yards
Net: -23.738 yards

Our little Hawaiian grandbabies are doing great, eating more at each feeding and sleeping a little longer with each day since our arrival!


Donna said...

Lucky you spending time in Hawaii! Enjoy seeing those grandbabies.

Courtney said...

they are so cute!