Sunday, November 1, 2009

Week 44 Stash Report

On Thursday, which by the way is supposed to be my Work on UFO's day, I started a new project. It's a scrappy project from my stash though, and I'm really excited about it. I have all of the pieces cut out for it and I've begun the construction and I'm already a quarter of the way done with the top! I chose not to post any pictures of the project today because I wanted to post it tomorrow for Design Wall Monday!
Hop on over to Patchwork Times to see how everyone else is doing with their stash busting!

• Fabric in this week: 000000 yards
• Total fabric in YTD: 156.279 yards

• Fabric out this week: 18.5 yards
• Total fabric out YTD: 160.916 yards

• Net 4.637 yards

Well, I am really pleased that I am finally out of the hole, it's only 4 + yards, but I am no longer in the negative numbers!


Scrappy-Quilter said...

great job on your count for the week!!!

Mary-Kay said...

That's a lot of zeroes. Just in case we didn't notice. Good report though and congrats on being out of the negatives! said...

Yay, what a great report! Can't wait until tomorrow to see your new project on the Design Wall! :) Dianne B. in England

Lori in South Dakota said...

I'm admiring ANYONE who is out of the hole!! See me, I'm the one with hanging on with the tips of her fingers at the edge of that very large DEEP hole!!

Donna said...

Good job getting to positive usage!