Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weeks 47 + 48

Last week we went to Rhode Island to see Olivia, Nick + the newest granddaughters, so there was no activity . . . but I made up for it while being home alone this week.  I have a lot of quilts waiting for their time on the frame before Christmas, so I haven't been doing any piecing, no fabric of mine was used, only customer quilts!  Yesterday, I went to Country Fabrics in Shiloh (the Mennonite Quilt Shop in a gorgeous Barn) and purchased 3 pieces of their close-out fabrics at a mere $3.69 yd.  Believe me when I tell you I practiced restraint!  One of the pictured fabrics is for an Ugly Nickel Swap - that would be the mauve floral - I cannot believe I spent money on that - it truly is ugly.

      Fabric in this week:    5.375 yards
      Total fabric in YTD: 178.987 yards

      Fabric used this week:  0.000 yards
      Total fabric used YTD: 164.082 yards

      Net YTD:  -14.905 yards

I will show some "used" in next weeks report as I have a couple of swaps that I need to finish and get in the mail! 

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Lori in South Dakota said...

Now I can see that the mauve fabric would make a wonderful stacked 4 patch posey!