Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I won, I won!

I won a charm pack of Spring Fling fabric by Moda from Liz at Spinning Star!  All I had to do was post on her blog answering this question: what new quilting technique do you want to try in 2010?  My answer was to make a quilt with scalloped edges and then bind it!  Then she used the random number generator to pick a winner, and I won!  So how would you answer that question?


Mary-Kay said...

Are you going to count that as incoming stash? Oh and congrats!

Joanne said...

Congratulations!!! I want to try Hawaiian applique again. I realize that comment will probably put you over the edge, but I really do want to have someone teach me so that it looks good. Of course, I've only tried to teach myself and to be honest I didn't really give it much of my time. Who wants to teach me?

Becky said...

Congratulations! I love blog give-aways! I don't have a new technique that I want to learn. I want to finish U.F.O.'s that are "new" techniques, but aging in plastic. Take care!