Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lost blocks - Found!

Found the two lost BOM blocks that I needed to complete the two quilts . . . they hadn't even been made . . . and they were the July 2009 blocks to frost the cake! I have completed one block, but the other is still in pieces. Perhaps by next Monday I will have a completed top to show ummmmm I think not.
We are leaving for Orlando, FL on Sunday for a week! My husband will be attending IRS classes while I will be traveling all over to visit quilt shops. I have loaded my Garmin with several I found online - I can hardly wait! If any of you quilters out there in blogland are aware of some awesome quilt shops in the greater Orlando area, please feel free to contact me via email on my profile page! Hope to hear from someone soon!


Lynn said...

i really like your looks bright and careful.

Quilter Kathy said...

So pretty! If you are finished with the block/pieces "finding fairy", could you send her over here?!?!

Sarah said...

Love the colors in this BOM - it makes me think spring and bright new things.

I had to 'fess up recently to my husband: "hi, my name is Sarah, and I have a fabric problem..." I had been in the room hunting for the first half of a set of blocks I worked on - still have no idea where they are, but clearly I have too much fabric if I can't find something I'm already halfway done with!