Sunday, August 1, 2010

Stash Report - Weeks 30 + 31

Well, we returned from Orlando late Friday night - gads, it was so hot down there, over 100 everyday - but the quilt shops were plentiful and I am afraid to say, I did a lot of damage . . . so bad (for my report) that I am afraid to count it all up at the moment, so my report will be ummmm inaccurate for this week until I break down and count all the yardage I got!

The picture to the left is all of the loot I purchased!  I cannot wait to start on the two kits and have yet to decide which one I will start first!  At the moment I am leaning towards the kit on the left, but that may change, I'm just sayin' . . .

Edit:  Well, I did it, I added it all up and it is just as bad as I thought it would be . . .

In: 34.5 yards
YTD 82.764 yards

Out: 0 yards
YTD: 71.5 yards

Net -11.264 yards

Check out how everyone else is doing with their stashbusting efforts at JudyL's Patchwork Times!

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Kathie said...

beautiful purchases anyway, hope you enjoy them and don't feel to guilty. I don't feel bad when I buy things when I am out of town as every quilt shop is different and you might not get there again.