Monday, October 4, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Well, my design wall is the same as last week, but my quilt room is really coming along! I have been labeling all the baskets as I go through and organize them. There are a total of 46 baskets and so far I've gone through the contents of 20 of them . . . it hasn't been too bad of a job as I've been working on one basket at a time so it doesn't trash the room!
Regarding the Bouncing Betty Quilt on the Design Wall with the miss block - my goal this week is to just bite the bullet use something else and just get it done so I can cross it off my list! The next couple of weeks are going to be rather hectic as I still want to plug along on the remaining baskets, I have a BOM class, a Guild Meeting, the Fiestaware Tent Sale and the Guild Retreat! Wish me luck!

Go get motivated by what everyone else has on their Design Wall at JudyL's Patchwork Times!


Chris said...

Great progress on your baskets!!

Richelle said...

LOVE the red and white quilt! Two of my favorite colors.

Charlene S said...

I love your baskets.

Vicki said...

You are so organized, I am jealous. Your quilt is going to be great, I hope you are happy with the fabric you choose for the last block. I sometimes pick something outrageous because it isn't going be a perfect match.

Vivian said...

Definitely make up another block in different fabrics to replace the missing one. Because I guarantee after you do and put it in the top that's when the missing one will show up (or that's what happens to me anyway)!

And if the orignal doesn't show up, the new one will be the quilt's "humilty block".

Great organizing work. There's nothing better than an organized stash.

Quilter Kathy said...

Good luck!