Sunday, July 31, 2011

A few finishes!

Well I haven't had any UFO finishes since the two I completed in January, and then I fell off the UFO wagon and was lost in space until this month - I finished one!  It's the Pineberry Trail.  I got it quilted a couple of weeks ago and got the binding on, but it needed to be tacked to the back and I saved that for all the traveling we were doing the past 2 weeks.  I had it in the trunk of the rental car and my husband had a container of Windex in there and it leaked on the quilt and the maroon bled . . . as soon as we returned home, I laundered it with a Color Catcher and you would not believe how dark that sheet came out!  The area where it bled is still stained, but I am not worried about it because it's going to be a quilt for us to cover up with in the living room!

I also finished the binding on my friend Jean's quilt!  That quilt was in the trunk with the Windex, but thankfully it was my quilt that soaked it all up!

I finished a smaller memory quilt for a friend and now have her king size Maple Leaves + Log Cabin on the frame .  I am quilting it with a meandering maple leave + loops, cute, cute, cute!

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Gari said...

Doesn't it feel good to get back in the swing again? Sounds like you have really gotten on the projects.