Monday, June 25, 2012

I may never piece again . . .

I may never piece another quilt again at the rate quilts are coming in to be longarmed!  Three more are done, but there are 6 more waiting in the "wings".  I was feeling so overwhelmed that I asked my BQFF to keep 3 of them at her house until they're ready to be loaded so I don't feel so behind . . .  The good news is that I am getting so much done and it's just getting me that much closer to the upgrade for my machine that I have been wanting - Railz!!!! 

This is a quilt made from some vintage fabrics and the customer wanted it meandered - done!

Another customer wanted this 9-Patch meandered too - done!

I used the pantograph Petaluma on this Thimbleberries Quilt.  The batting was a pretty fluffy poly, but it turned out great, hope they like it!

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knittingbrow said...

I really like that first quilt made from vintage fabrics. Gee, I wonder if I could make that using the fabric I bought this past weekend.