Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I quilted one of my own!

Yes, it's a Red Letter Day, I actually quilted a quilt of my own! I have my BQFF Joanne to thank for this achievement as she is the one who laid down a new Quilting Law: after quilting 3 customer quilts, I must quilt one of my own! The problem now is, I don't have any more customer quilts . . .


So this is the pieced back of my quilt.  I have been trying to work with fabric that I already have, and sometimes it becomes necessary to piece it to get it to work!

This is another one of Linda's.  It's full of daisies and it was so much fun to work on.  I used Patricia E. Ritter's pantograph:  Purple Meadow!  It was perfect and Linda loves it.
This is the last one of Linda's - it's an Irish Chain in dark blue and WOW.  I have a much better picture that I took with my camera, but it's MIA at the moment.  I used another pantograph by Patricia E. Ritter:  Gardenia.  It was a fun panto to stitch and it looked great on this quilt.
This is a BOM of Pam's. I have never worked with a quilt that was so "straight".  It even rolled straight - what a pleasure it was to work on this one.  I used the same pantograph as the one I used on Linda's Irish Chain, Gardenia by Patricia E. Ritter!  Gorgeous!

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Joanne said...

Ummmm. I forgot to leave the quilts when was ther today. DUHHHH