Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tulip blocks are done!!

Well, I finally finished the 24th block at 2 a.m. this morning! Got up early and went to the Post Office to send them out as they were due 2 days ago to Nancy, the Hostess . . . Nancy gave me permission earlier last week to drop out of the swap, but there were so few of us in the swap that I felt guilty that there wouldn't be much variety for the others if I dropped out, so I made it my mission to get them done, and I did it, a little late, but they are done and in the mail now on their way to Nancy!


oliviaatc said...

I love the pattern, sorry to see it go to the swap :0(

everythingquilts said...

Just beautiful. That quilt would brighten anyone's day, it is so cheery.
Oh, I just noticed today that you posted on my blog about my grand daughter, and she is 6yrs. old. Her MRI came back that she has a tethered spine. That will require surgery, a week in the Hosp. and 4 weeks recovery. But the good news is, if they repair this before her growth spurt, it is very likely she will be walking by the time she is a teenager. WHOO-HOO, she has never been able to walk has spent her whole life either crawling or in her wheelchair. We should be getting her leg braces anyday now. I appreciate you asking about her. She has no feeling at all in her feet and both her hips stay dislocated. she has endured many surgeries since birth, but each one has improved her mobility. She loves to sew, I bought her a sewing machine for Christmas. She uses mine by pushing the pedal with one hand while guiding with the other. I plan to set hers up so that she can push side ways with her knee to work to pedal. She gets so excited when she gets to sew. I try to never focus on what she can't do, but rather what she can.