Saturday, February 7, 2009

Got another one quilted!

Got another one of my friend Linda's tops quilted, and I got brave on this one and didn't do my usual stippling or loopy meandering. I tried my hand at loopy daisies. The only thing I learned was that I should have used an invisible thread on the front. I have got to invest in some pantographs . . . oh, and I just may have to get a loan from the bank as I almost had a stroke when I bought 2 - 500yd spools of thread for this project . . . it came to $17.02 I seriously have got to find my vendors license and open a wholesale account somewhere - the cost of thread is killing me!

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oliviaatc said...

I love how Sophia is just chilling in the background, LOL! She is so cute. I like the new quilting design, it's pretty.