Saturday, February 14, 2009

Today was our Anniversary!

Today was our 32nd Anniversary so we went to Outback Steak House for supper. It was really crowded, but we had a great meal and for the first time in a long time, I was able to eat everything on my plate. Usually, by the time the entree arrives, I am full and I have to take it home as carryout!

I am so far behind on quilty things as life keeps pulling at me in too many directions . . . I've got a Guild Quilt Retreat next weekend that I am not even close to being prepared for as I have to:
  1. design, cut out and construct a challenge quilt from last years Guild retreat

  2. find fabric and cut out for the Guild Retreat Mystery Quilt

  3. finish a quilt that's been on the frame for several days now before the retreat

  4. update the Guild's Blog with the info and pictures from today's meeting

  5. I'm 4 blocks behind on my LQS BOM

  6. I haven't even begun the Guild's BOM and they just passed out the 4th block!

  7. prepare and treat fabric for printing the Underground Railroad Story for my students before the next class

  8. finish the paper pieced alphabet blocks for an online swap

  9. cut out and construct blocks for another online swap

  10. and the straw that broke the camel's back was when Block No 1 was passed out today for the Guild Mystery Quilt

On another note, I received the 4 pantographs today that I purchased online from Linda Taylor. I can hardly wait to practice one in particular as I want to use it on my friend Carolyn's quilt and perhaps one of my own! Today Carolyn told me that she is going to take a half day off from work sometime soon and she will come over to help me load the quilt on the frame so I can get going and quilt it! That should motivate me, eh?


Sweet P said...

Happy Anniversary! Here's to another 32 years!

barncow said...

You have 24 hours in everyday I don't see what the problem is. You need to use those hours wisely. No sleeping till they are all done. I got about half of my fabric for the retreat cut today. I still have to make my samples before then. Good-luck Karen

oliviaatc said...

No way, 32 years?!?!? Mom you are making me feel old ;0)

Lori in South Dakota said...

You have a lot to get done. The flowers are lovely, congratulations to your and your husband!