Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Exhaustion has set in . . .

OMG - What a week, The past week I was preparing for my trip to Pittsburgh for Quilt Market on Tuesday, had to leave before it even began Friday morning to pick up a boatload of company flying in from Boston at the Akron/Canton Airport. Their flight arrived a full 40 minutes early - needless to say, I wasn't there yet, so they rented a van as they didn't want to waste one minute of their vacation and took off for Amish country for lunch at the Amish Door Restaurant in Wilmot, Ohio. I was busy driving from Pittsburgh trying to catch up with them and caught up just as they finished lunch and were paying the bill (it's OK - I should be losing weight anyways). I did insist that we make a pit stop at the Amish Bakery where I picked up a loaf of fresh baked bread, and a small strawberry pie for my awesome husband who made my trip to Pittsburgh possible! From there, Denise left the rented van with the rest of her family and joined me in my car! We were headed for their Hotel in Milan, when I realized there was a Quilt Shop that we could hit on the way home - SCORE! Finally made it to the Hotel where their reservation was messed up, but they made it right and all was well in the world! Later that night my husband had a party catered by a client of his who owns a Mexican Restaurant and they played cards, drank and had a great time. Everyone was gone before midnight as the guys had chartered a fishing boat for the butt crack of dawn Saturday morning. Nick was up all night vomiting, needless to say, he didn't make it fishing, but my son, husband and everyone else did! Denise and I headed out for Shiloh to the Mennonite quilt shop. Denise was in heaven and did some serious damage to her wallet. Later that afternoon, we all went to my sisters in Port Clinton for a fish fry. The guys caught a ton of walleye and several Lake Erie Perch! It was a great feast. Sunday, the water park at Kalahari was on the agenda, and that was another great time! Yesterday was Cedar Point and a cookout of burgers and dogs at our house later in the evening. This morning, the Boston Crew left for the Pro Football Hall of Fame on their way to the airport + home. I feel like we just made a remake of the movie National Lampoons Vacation! I will have pictures to post perhaps tomorrow as I am not even unpacked yet!

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