Monday, May 25, 2009

Is it Monday already?

Wow! This week is going to go fast, I can tell already. Madison turned 5 yesterday and the twins will turn 3 on Thursday. We made two trips to Pottery Barn Kids this past weekend to get their gifts. First we got the craft table and hutch and four new chairs.

Then from Toys r Us we got a Little Tikes picnic table that I thought came with an umbrella, but of course, as usual, it is pictured on the box, but not included. I just absolutely hate it when that happens.

These are just some random pictures of the girls at a couple of the playgrounds in Columbus, and a picture of Haley passed out on the way home. Too bad she was asleep when we had to stop for the geese and their babies to cross the highway!


barncow said...

Love the table and hutch, does it come in adult size? They put things like that on boxes so you have to spend more money to get all of the pieces. They know that you want it just like the box shows. Looks like the girls had fun at the playgrounds.

Courtney said...

the girls mustof had fun. too bad hayley most likely always passes out when all the good stuff happens

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