Sunday, May 2, 2010

Stash Report - Weeks 17 + 18

Well, I have been MIA for the past couple of weeks.  I have lost my mojo since the IKEA Towers crashed.  One of my friends even came over on Saturday to help me reconstruct, but we just sat around and talked - it was wonderful though to have someone to talk to!  Today, I went out and bought a new camera and I hope to have some pics to post in the morning once it's had a chance to charge for Design Wall Monday.

      In: 0 yards
      YTD: 45.764 yards

      Out: 1 yard
      YTD: 47.375 yards

      Net: 1.611 yard

Check out how everyone else is doing with their stash busting efforts at JudyL's Patchwork Times!


Barb in Mi said...

Hope you get your new towers installed soon! And i will check tomorrow for pic's with yor new camera! Hang in there, just a flat spot in life...

Lori said...

no one was hurt in the crash? Whew! I saw the slide show quilt on your wall!

Penny said...

Well you did get 1 yd. out this week. It is hard to get sewing done when all is in chaos. I think visiting with a friend is great fun. Good use of your time. When the time is right you will get the towers put back together. Good luck!