Sunday, April 18, 2010

Stash Report - Week 16

Well, since the IKEA Towers crashed during my reorganization efforts earlier in the week, my stash report numbers have not changed. So yesterday, I made the two hour trip with 4 little girls to IKEA to purchase the frames that were destroyed from the crash. Today, I will begin to rebuild and perhaps be able to find my machine as I have forgotten what it looks like! I am going to be so inspired once I get the room put back together, I can feel it!

In: 0 yards
YTD: 45.764 yards

Out: 0
YTD: 46.375 yards

Net: 0.611 yard

Please check out how other stash busters are doing in their quest on JudyL's Patchwork Times!


SpinningStar said...


I just read through you last couple posts on your reorganization and the accident.

YOu will be happy once everything is back to normal and you are sewing again. Looking forward to some pics of the "new" room, even if you have to use the cell phone. Or did you get a new camera already?


Kathie said...

good luck getting everything back in order.

Julie said...

I just read through your posts of the accident. I'm sorry it happened but glad that no one was injured. When my husband built the interior of my sewing room, he used two linen towers for the ends and the center section is kitchen counter. He fastened the linen towers to the wall. I'm looking forward to seeing the new pictures of your sewing room.

Quiltsmiles said...

I'm glad no one got hurt with the towers crashing. Love your Hawaiian Memories quilt. What is the name of that pattern? Love it with the fabrics you selected. It's very striking.

Vicki said...

Oh boy is that a disappointment!! I really don't like going through my stuff and reorganizing at all. I tend to stuff in a box or closet and that is it. Hmmm, I better get some totes and start reorganizing....

Penny said...

Oh my goodness. What a challenge. I think while the organization is on going you should be relieved from kitchen duty and cleaning duty and anything else you don't want to do. I hope it all gets ship-shape soon so you can find that sewing machine.