Sunday, December 26, 2010

Final 2010 Stash Report - Weeks 51 + 52

Well, there hasn't been any change in my report for the past 3 weeks with preparing for the holidays and all, but I ended up this year way better than the 2 yards net for 2009 . . .

In 0 yards
YTD 112 yards

Out 1 yard
YTD 169 yards

Net used 57 yards

I will continue participating in the 2011 Stash Report Program as it has really helped me be aware of what I am bringing in and it has also helped me to curb my willy nilly purchases! 

Check out how everyone else did with their stashbusting at JudyL's Patchwork Times!


SpinningStar said...

Great job and two years in the busting mode! Looking forward to seeing the reports next year.


Kathie said...

That sure is great compared to last year.

Charlene S said...

Yes, I do think you did a whole lot better. Keep up the good work! Did your fabric added go down too?

Kate said...

Congratulations on finishing in the black and for doing more in 2010! Here's hoping the 2011 is even better!