Thursday, June 18, 2009

Design Wall progress!

Well, the design wall is getting full with all of the clues from the Christmas Lights Mystery Quilt in the Jul/Aug issue of Quiltmaker! I have all of my clues done now, they just won't all fit with the ceiling fan going and blowing them all off! I am supposed to be working on all of the BOM's that I'm behind on, and now that I'm caught up on this new project, I had better focus on that - I am the worst procrastinator!


GARI said...

Bonnie Hunter = lots of little pieces. LOL

Brenda said...

I think you and I read the same books when we were younger - "why fininsh this when it can wait till I see what this will look like???"
I have a whole lot of projects on the go right now, and this project is in the pile to start... have I started it yet?? No, but that does now mean I almost have, and that I am thinking about when to start and that I will be working on it here very soon!!
Now, take your blks enjoy them! I like that they are done and that you are ready for step 2!! Excellant!! (which makes me think I had better get a start on it here real soon!!) lol!! Thanks for the insperation!