Friday, June 12, 2009

Poor, poor, Emma Rose

Yesterday Emma Rose had her tonsils and adenoids removed as an outpatient. It was not a pretty picture. Today, besides not being able to swallow, she is traumatized with the back of her hand that they had the IV in... it is swollen and bruised and looks so painful. Here she is with her Grandpa and all her stuffed animals!


Sweet P said...

I'm sending prayers to Emma Rose for a fast recovery! BTW, I love her name.

Courtney said...

hi auntie kare i hope emma feels better

ur niece: Courtney.

tell haley and emma i said hi plz!

Sherlyn said...

Awww, I hope Miss Emma is feeling better now; I'm sure she did once she was on the "ice cream" diet :D

(I finally remembered to add your blog, the quilt guild's and Joanne's to my google reader so hi!)