Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's Thursday - UFO Challenge

Well, I am participating again this week in Sue's UFO Challenge . . .

Well, the UFO I pulled out last Thursday is done, done, done! Dillon, the child I made this for, is probably in grade school now, but it's done!

Now the dilemma is which one do I work on next:

  • Pineberry Trail (needs quilting + binding)

  • Judy L's Stash Project No 1 (needs quilting + binding)

  • Fiddlesticks (needs an outer border, quilting + binding)

  • Judy L's Stash Project No 2 (needs an outer border, quilting + binding)

Oh, the choices - well I can pretty much rule Fiddlesticks out because I have to purchase border fabric for that one, but I have what I need to finish the other 3 - hey, who says I only need to do one this week? Wooo Hoooo!!!


Sue H said...

Hey, CONGRATULATIONS, Kare, a finish!!! Thanks for joining my UFO Challenge. I have enough UFOs to continue this for a very, very long time!

Sherlyn said...

I was going to say, you could work on them in the order you listed since the latter 2 need more done than the 1st two :)

btw, before I completely forget, you came up at the 4th of July picnic with my boyfriend and his family. What model Bernina do you have?