Sunday, July 5, 2009

Week 27 Stashbusting Report

Well, I feel like I am making a little more progress as far as fabric used is concerned . . . I used a total of 4 yards from 3 different fabrics to back a quilt, and boy, is that back going to be ugly (the picture doesn't do it justice, trust me) but I'm not worried because I plan on using it as a ground cover for picnics or at the beach. Currently, 95% of the fabrics in my stash are not big pieces, so trying to create yardage for backing without purchasing some is a challenge! I did have to purchase yardage for borders for a quilt and also fabric for an online swap, but it came in, and then I counted it out (with the exception of 1 yard as I bought a little extra . . .)
Fabric added this week: 4.5 yards
Total added: 105.029 yards
Fabric used this week: 8 yards
Total used: 94.666 yards

Net: -10.363 yards

This is my granddaughter Sophia who fell asleep in her highchair while I was loading the quilt on the longarm!


katie z said...

Good job being creative!

I recognize that cute little chair - my daughters have a swing in that fabric, and they still think they're little enough to swing in it!

Vicky said...

She's precious!!

Brenda said...

Well, if you are piecing your backs, good for you!!! Personally, I like pieced backs!!! more interesting - gives them life and it made me laugh that you are going to use it for picnics and the like. At first I thought you were going to say as the dog bed!! i am glad it's going to be used for more fun things - although dogs do need a comfy thing to lay on too!! have a great stashbusting week!!!

Stephanie D. said...

Spoken, or written, like a true pioneer woman!

And what a sweet thing your granddaughter is!