Monday, April 12, 2010

Design Wall Monday

I don't really have anything on my Design Wall today because I decided to redesign my sewing room! So I began on Friday the arduous task of removing the contents from two double sided bookcases and piling all of that stuff on the dining room table. The table is almost full now, and I only have one bookcase emptied!  My ultimate goal is to remove the two bookcases from the room and perhaps store them in the basement (with the bats) so I will not be putting anything down there that I will need anytime soon (because of the bats).  Did I mention that there are bats in the basement? 
There have been a number of things that have prompted this reorganization - the most important one is that the girls have been trying to "scale" the IKEA Towers. I caught Sophia the other day about 3 feet off the floor!  I am so looking forward to being able to move freely in my room and perhaps even use the drop leaf function of my sewing cabinet which I am unable to utilize now because of the close quarters. 


Teaquilts said...

Good luck on finishing the reorganization. It's amazing how much stuff resides in our studios.

Diane said...

it's a lot of work reorganizing and moving the stuff around but I always find I'm so glad when it's done. One of my nieces was a climber...we called her 'little monkey child'...she could scale anything and so fast- even when she was REALLY little: it was actually dangerous. Thank God her mom was a calm soul-I'd have lost my mind.