Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Melon Festival Festivities

This past Labor Day Weekend was the Annual Milan Melon Festival and all my children arrived with their children for the festivities.  We started off the weekend with a surprise Birthday Party for myself and my daughter.  Sorry, but no pictures of that because I just thought we were going out to supper, so I did not bring my camera with me . . . Saturday, the girls and I went to Country Fabrics in Shiloh and as usual, that was a great trip.  The guys stayed home playing the cornhole game and when it got dark, they came inside to play cards.  Sunday, we took the grandkids on rides and there was the parade and we had another all day cookout.  Monday, we went back for some more rides and now you can stick a fork in me as I am done!  My kids all left Monday morning and afternoon, so the house is quiet once again . . . . 

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