Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My machine is back!

I got a call this afternoon that my machine was ready to be picked up - - but I was without a car :(  so I had to wait until someone came home with a vehicle and I was on my way!  Nothing was really wrong with her, she just needed a spa treatment: cleaning, fine tuning, etc!  I am in the process of getting her placed back in the cabinet and cannot wait to get started on my projects that have been on hold since last Wednesday night when she went down!


Nancy said...

Love your machine...I have one just like it!

bingo~bonnie said...

I sooo wanted a machine jsut like yours when I bought mine in 2003. At the time the LQS had 12 of them as classroom models and they were upgrading and selling the classroom ones for a discount but with NO WARRANTY. At the time my hubby thought it would be best to get a machine with a warranty for just in case... so I had to go with a model lower than this one. OH how I wish I had a knee lift bar! And while I can order one for my 125 model... I have never wanted to shell out $100 bucks for it - would rather spend it on fabric and stuff. ;)

I noticed the photo shows a clear insert for your table - my new table I won from Arrow Sewing Cabinets didn't come with one and they do not sell them... I wonder where I could order one so that my quilting projects slide across the table....? any ideas on where I can have one made?

Love from Texas! ~bonnie