Sunday, November 7, 2010

Stash Report Weeks 44 + 45

Since we were in DC last weekend, I've combined last weeks report with this weeks and if I hadn't gone to Amish country last week, my report would have been stellar, but I fell off the wagon once again, but not too hard...

Fabric in 7.750 yards
YTD 99.014 yards

Fabric Out 17.250 yards
YTD 134.375 yards

Net 35.361 yards

I'm still doing better than at this time last year (Net 8 yards) 

Check to see how everyone else is doing busting their stash at JudyL's Patchwork Times!


SpinningStar said...

great purchases and you are doing great for the year! liz

Kathie said...

It is totally impossible to go on a trip and NOT

Kate said...

I am convinced that the No Fabric wagon has a slick bottom and it tilted such that you slide easily. Still 7 yards isn't as bad as it could be and the year is not over yet.

pdudgeon said...

OOOOOOOH, nice fabric! isn't it just wonderful (tongue in cheek) how those fabric shops tie things up in little cute bundles, making them that much easier to take home with us? and of course it only looks like just a little bit of fabric....oh those shop owners are soooooo sneeky! LOL

(but i don't blame you a bit. i probably would have walked out with more than you did.)

Lori said...

that's a very small bump in the road, not falling off a wagon!