Saturday, September 24, 2011

My new obsession!

Well, now that I'm back on track with the Glacier Star project, I only allow myself time to drink, eat, and sleep.  Speaking of drinking, I had a drink last night - a peach daiquiri (only because there was a large freakin bat in the garage and that's where my Pepsi was, so I had to hit the bottle pouch).  I still cannot believe that these pouches are only $1.99.  I'm a cheap drunk, it only takes one pouch to give me a buzz!  I digress . . . back to Glacier Star. 

Thursday night I began working on the flying geese units that will circle the outer edge of the quilt and was not happy with my fabric choice. So first thing yesterday morning, I emailed the designer, Judy Niemeyer, for her opinion and a couple hours later, she emailed me back with a suggestion - change the background fabric! I was so surprised, impressed and excited that I immediately got in the car and drove to the LQS to pick up a lighter background. I am so happy now with the results!

Here is my total progress so far:

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Gari said...

Beautiful. Tricky and beautiful.