Thursday, April 24, 2008

Conquering my fear . . .

Well, I finally did it today - I started quilting a quilt that has been on the frame since the beginning of January. My poor husband, I am sure that he thinks that I'm a hopeless case, but he bought me an HQ16 back in June and I am intimidated by it, so there it sits. I got an email from a friend on one of my many Yahoo groups and she said to just do it, so I did it today. It's not done yet, as it's a T-shirt quilt, and it's rather intricate, but I worked on it for almost 5 hours and stopped with a terrible headache. There are only 3 rows left though, so I will finish it tomorrow. I cannot wait to get it done. Let's not even talk about the child that's been waiting for it for an entire year either! It's a huge quilt for me, it's 74" by 110". I can hardly wait to go to bed, get rid of this headache and wake up fresh in the morning and finish it! My goal is to have it in the mail on Monday morning!

1 comment:

Carolyn said...

glad to see you 'stepped up' and tackled the fears
sometimes it just takes a deep breath and that one big first step
i am sure we will see many quilts on your blog that you have finished
good job