Monday, April 7, 2008

It was a busy weekend

Worked on blocks for a 30's repro 9-patch swap. Got 1 set done and started on the 2nd set of 10. Hope to get the 2nd set done today so I can get them in the mail way before their due date of May 31st . . . time will tell if I'm successful or not! Went to the Polaris Mall yesterday in Columbus. Got the girls some clothes and socks from The Childrens Place. I love that store. Took a walk last night with the girls to the drive-thru for ice cream cones and Emma decided that she liked my ice cream better than hers, so she ate it!

Also picked up some nylon netting at JoAnn's in a peacock color to make more scrubbies.

Tried to pick out some fabrics for the Orange Crush Mystery . . .

and then I began on Step 1 of the mystery - 4 blocks done, 146 to go!


Karen said...

curious minds want to know - what do you do with all thhose colorful scrubbies?

Kare said...

I sell them for $1.25! I use them in the kitchen on dishes, the counter top, the glass top stove and I have a black one that I use on spots on the floor. I use them to scrub vegetables and even in my quilt room to remove the threads and lint from my rotary cutting mat. In the bathrooms, I use them on the shower doors and walls. It's also good to remove burned on hairspray from the curling iron, but you do have to wait until it's cooled! Oh, the list goes on and on!