Thursday, April 17, 2008

Heard from my son in Iraq . . .

My son called from Iraq for a minute or 2 - it's seems as though he will not be coming home as expected on April 24th . . . more like the 9th of JULY. I am not happy about this, but what's a mother to do?

There's been some real excitement in the life of this stay at home Grandma. Let's see, I changed 2 poopie diapers, one was so bad, I had the dry heaves, cleaned Dora the Explorer yogurt off the TV screen, rescued the hand towel from being flushed down the toilet, but wasn't able to save the roll of toilet paper, got my hand stuck in the back of Haley's car seat as I was trying to install it in the rental car - I was ready to call 911 to bring the jaws of life as my hand was really, really stuck, both Haley and Emma made a meal of all the tidbits in the seat of the van, like dried up, petrified french fries, M & M's, and some petrified chicken nuggets. Oh, for the love of God, what have I done to deserve this - I have already been there and done that, but apparently not good enough as I am living it all over again!

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barncow said...

Think of all the things you ate when you were the twins age. It didn't kill you and it won't kill them!