Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm now a woman of leisure . . .

Well, the twins started daycare on Monday! They are attending the same daycare as their older sister, so Madison can be called on to calm them down if they freak out, but they have done really, really well. Wednesday will be their day at home with me though, so it was rather hectic here today. The weather has been gorgeous, so this afternoon, after naps, we went outside to swing, jump on the mini trampoline and play in the sandbox. Emma must have been hungry, because she ate sand. Haley I think is going to be a girly-girl as when I placed her in the sandbox barefoot, she didn't like it. I should have taken a video, as it was hysterical - Emma just dug in, but Haley stood there making faces and whining. Even her hand mannerisms were screaming "I don't like this, it's yucky". Then we took a walk to the Village drive-thru for ice cream! When we returned home, I had to get out the garden hose and hose the girls and the wagon down before they could go in the house. Emma even had ice cream in her ear!

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