Saturday, July 5, 2008

The 4th was GREAT!

Well, we took the grand kids to Cedar Point for the 4th! We had a wonderful time and they were even able to stay awake for the fireworks at 10pm. I wanted to call your attention to the picture of my son-in-law, Nick, in Woodstock's nest with the twins . . . he had quite a time trying to fit himself in there - looks like he will be eating rice cakes and salad for a while! It was so funny watching him try to get in there that I almost wet myself. I didn't try to get on any rides with them, as it would have been the same scenario, 'cept uglier, besides I don't want to eat salad or rice cakes. Yes, I am in denial, but that's my prerogative.
The park was open until midnight, but we left right after the fireworks and were in the car by 11 pm. Well, we were in the car, but the engine wasn't running and neither was the traffic. We sat there until 1:45 and then, finally, the traffic began to move, inch by inch. We were home by 2:30. Needless to say, I am exhausted today, but of course the kids are raring to go. Think it's time for a nap for me. More later!

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