Monday, August 25, 2008

More about the Vegas Quilt Shop Tours

Well, I only told you about the 1st tour I went on on Tuesday, but I went again on Thursday too! We went to a cute little Quilt Shop over by the Hoover Dam called Fiddlesticks. The shop was decorated with all kinds of antiques, there were bolts of fabric in an old Hoosier cupboard, in a white iron crib, old washtubs. It was really cool and I really enjoyed the little vignettes. The shop owner gave each one of us a cloisonne pin of the logo of her shop. When our time was up, we went on to the second shop: Quiltique. Wow, this was a shop that I was not sure I would care for because is has a lot of contemporary fabrics like Kaffe Fasset, Amy Butler, Joel Dewberry, etc. but I discovered that I really like contemporary fabrics too! They had lots and lots of kits with the corresponding samples hung from the walls and ceiling. This shop came in second for me as far as dollars spent . . . need I say more? Oh, I forgot to mention that I was on this tour with a couple from Oregon (I would never, ever, bring my husband with me on one of these tours - it could be ugly). The third and final shop for the day was a repeat of a shop that I had been to on Tuesday, The Christmas Goose. This shop was really nice and it had all kinds of different things like stitchery, wools, wool roving, etc. I could not believe the patterns that they had, it was a wall (pictured below), with kind of like sliding doors with each door containing layers of patterns, patterns and more patterns. I would not like to inventory that wall. . .

I did not take any more pictures with the exception of Fabric Boutique which I went to on Tuesday as I was afraid picture taking would cut into my shopping time, so you will have to settle for looking at their websites! I have posted the remaining pictures from Fabric Boutique - Enjoy!

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Red Geranium Cottage said...

Christmas Goose is one of my favorite shops but Fiddlesticks is awesome too. Merry the owner is soooo nice.