Sunday, August 17, 2008

One more post before I leave . . .

This may be the last time I post until I return from Tour of Las Vegas Quilt Shops on Friday nite. My husband will have his laptop with him, but I am not sure he will be willing to share it, but we'll see.
I was just checking out all the blogs I read regularly and I have to say, check out Sharyn's blog: Kalama Quilts I love to read the end of each one of her posts as she posts her daily gratitude's. Several of her gratitude's might send me off the deep end, but she always puts a positive spin on it. I love it, and another thing I like is something she has at the top of her blog: Where we eat to live, but live to quilt... Oh yeah baby! Well, guess that's it for now - I will try hard to post of my quilt shop jaunts in Vegas, later!