Thursday, August 14, 2008

Vegas, here we come!

We are going to Vegas for a week! Of course, I am going on a tour of Las Vegas Quilt Shops while my husband is at some IRS Symposium! This afternoon I had a pedicure and my toes are painted the prettiest candy apple red! I am so out of my element here - my first choice for nail polish color was Coney Island Cotton Candy - a pale pink iridescent - it was gorgeous, but the girls at the salon shamed me into the red. I really like it though it just doesn't feel like me. I have been getting some "hand" projects ready to take with me (like the Grandmother's Flower Garden that I have been working on for about almost 20 years)! Well, guess that's it for now as I taught a quilting class tonight and I'm beat. More tomorrow!

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Sweet P said...

Have fun in Las Vegas. Did you know about Quilt Tours of Las Vegas?

They will pick you up at your hotel and take you shop hopping.