Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Digging Out

Well, I got a little bit of sewing done yesterday on the Orange Crush Quilt. I'm not counting on getting any done today as I have the 3 grand-girls home with me! I forgot to take and post a picture of the other wall in my Quilt Room yesterday - - I guess that's because that wall hasn't changed, but here it is anyways. I call them the IKEA Towers.
I was thinking, if I stacked the white behemoth fixtures as Candace suggested, I will have to purchase a taller ladder . . . I will have to check with my husband, as I am afraid that they will interfere with the ceiling fan that is sitting in the foyer in a box. As it stands now, I am going to have to remove a good deal of the stuff on top of the towers as the fan will definitely strike them when it's on . . . don't you just love, love, love, my ceiling light fixture?

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