Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Quilt room storage container contest

I have entered myself in a quilt room storage container contest on Sweet P's blog coffeetimequiltstudio I am posting some of the containers I use in my quilt room and have been visiting Sweet P's blog frequently to see what other quilters are using for storage! Here we go! This first picture is of my pizza boxes that I store BOM's and current small projects in

This is an over the door rack of some sort that I purchased at IKEA. Since I do not have a door in my room, I hung it over the curtain rod and I store my strips and the ironing spray bottles.

This is a heavy plastic envelope that I found at The Container Store. I love to use it for transporting my BOM block to class as it stays flat and doesn't "pool" at the bottom of the container. I can even use it as a writing surface to take notes in the BOM class.

This is one of two sizes, this is the one for sweaters (pictured), and the other one (not pictured) is narrower (to store shoes). The sweater container I use for larger pieces of fabric that I may be auditioning for a future project or stuff in the works. The shoe size container I use to store my fat quarters. I got these at IKEA too! The wire racks in the background are also from IKEA and they're cheap compared to the closet systems that I've seen at Home Depot and Lowe's . . .

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Sweet P said...

Another IKEA shopper! Love it! I have a black shelf unit like your green one. Aren't they great for large pieces of fabric?

Thanks for joining the contest and sharing your containers.