Thursday, June 19, 2008

Nine Patches are multiplying!

I been working furiously on those nine patches!

My friend Carolyn is taking me to lunch tomorrow to the Tea Room! I can hardly wait.

I had wanted to attend the NQA Show in Columbus but with the price of gas, I decided against it.

I think I would like to go to the movie theatre this weekend, I want to see the movie "Get Smart". I love, love, love, Steve Carell! He was an absolute riot in the 40 year old virgin. I still laugh my buns off when I think of him getting his chest waxed!


Sweet P said...

Your nine-patches are looking good. DH and I are going out for dinner and then to see Get Smart tonight. I've heard lots of good reviews of the movie.

Candace said...

My husband has been wanting to go to the movies, and I think that may be something we both can enjoy, let us know how you like it. Your 9 patches are looking good. I think the price of gas is going to effect all of our lives.