Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's loaded . . .

I've loaded the Memory Quilt on the longarm and it's ready to go, but I'll have to wait until the girls go down for a nap tomorrow as the machine is in my living room and my family would not be able to hear the TV if I were to start stitching tonight! So I will just retreat to my cave for the rest of the evening and work on another UFO that I have waiting in the wings! As soon as I decide which one (this is so sad because I have so many to choose from) I will post it!

On another note, we got a lot of snow last night and today and when my husband came home for lunch + to shovel us out, he took the girls outside with him. They were out there for a little over an hour and they still cried when it was time to come in for lunch!


Shannon said...

My kids love the, not so much. We don't get enough in Denver.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Cold weather with no snow is just no fun for the kids! My son has not had enough snow this year but we are hoping for some today!
Cheers! Evelyn